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Well+Good at the Bar Method, plus a special offer

From left: Lisa Held, Alexia Brue, Sandra Lespinasse (who's been to almost all Well+Good's events), Melisse Gelula, and Elizabeth Kellogg

Last Wednesday night the Bar Method and Well+Good co-hosted a special evening for subscribers. Amy Duffy led a packed class (we had our longest wait list ever for this event) through an hour-plus session that systematically worked every muscle group to happy exhaustion.

While targeting triceps, shoulder, gluts and more, Duffy explained technique and offered pointers and corrections while miraculously calling each and every participant by name (as a supplement to the Bar Method’s workout DVDs, they should issue one on mnemonics! One of the Bar Method’s hallmarks is that instructors must know every student’s name.)

Amy Duffy from the Bar Method (at right) and Melisse Gelula of Well+Good

After the workout, everyone mingled in the lounge of the luxurious SoHo studio. Elizabeth Kellogg from the Pump Energy Food handed out replenishment “grenades” of the Pump’s new line of fresh-pressed Liquid Pump juices including Peanut Butter (a great natural source of protein) and Chopped Salad (with cucumber, carrots, and beets).

The Bar Method raffled off a free month of unlimited workouts. While everyone was happy for winner Cole Hernandez, we were also a tad jealous.

Our fabulous videographer Mel Friedling

For those who missed the event, the Bar Method is offering a special discount for Well+Good readers through the end of October: Purchase four Bar Method classes for the price of two! Follow this link and enter the promotion code “wellandgoodnyc” to get the offer:

Or, you can purchase two sessions for the price of one class. To take advantage of this offer, call the studio at 212-431-5720 and they’ll complete the purchase for you.