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Well+Good’s Top Stories: July 2013

If your overflowing inbox has prevented you from getting to your Well+Good emails, fear not. We’ve compiled our best articles from the past month so you can catch up on the most important health and wellness news you may have missed.

1. The secrets of fitness models
How do fitness models eat? What are their workouts? Six athlete-models share their healthy know-how.

2. 14 beauty uses for coconut oil
Never mind that it’s found in the kitchen, coconut oil has become the moment’s most obsessed about natural beauty staple.

 fitness models
The secrets of fitness models. Hint: It’s not just good genes.

3. 9 healthy foods that reduce bloating
Got a bloated tummy and a beach day rapidly approaching? Here’s how to feel like yourself again with healthy foods you should be eating anyway.

4. 5 spiritual workouts that aren’t yoga
These popular fitness classes encourage inner reflection and a good sweat. Ready to offer up a plyometric prayer?

5. How Diane von Furstenberg starts her day
Before you attack your daily to-do list, the designer recommends this simple, selfless task.

6. Why your friend won’t shut up about the NutriBullet
Is the buzz surrounding this super-popular smoothie-making gadget real or exaggerated? We found out.

Diane von Furstenberg email tip
We love how Diane von Furstenberg starts her day

7. 9 natural sunburn remedies
We asked experts for natural, skin-soothing solutions for too much sun. And guess what? Many of them are already in your kitchen.

8. 3 wow-factor summer juice recipes from Love Grace Foods
The New York couple behind this indie juice company developed these creative juice recipes for post-yoga or poolside sipping.

9. How to clean your Vitamix
Got smoothie build-up? Try this simple tip to get your Vitamix looking (and working!) as good as new.

10. Meet the millions of tiny organisms that call you home
Don’t get all itchy. The bacteria you carry with you (and on you) may hold the keys to your health.