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Well+Good’s Top Stories: March 2012

Just in case you too many work emails made you miss any of Well+Good’s, we’re highlighting our top stories from the past month. Here’s what you may have missed:

How William J. Broad became yoga’s public enemy number one: An interview
“How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” set off a firestorm of controversy. We asked the author to explain himself and how it feels to be hated in the yoga world.

Do vegans burn more calories?
Vegans may benefit from a metabolic secret that accounts for their svelte physiques, say experts—supercharged, calorie-burning muscle cells.

Even fit women have weak triceps. What you can do about it
Even if you strength train, your triceps might be your fitness Achilles heel. We find out why toning triceps is so hard. And why it’s more important than you think.

Urban Detox Club: A new cleanse that tackles long-term eating habits
Say goodbye to your bad eating habits for more than 3 days: This new cleanse company thinks that a detox should change your diet for good—and kind of never end.

Is your phone making you break out? 
Texting may be less personal, but it could save you from a 21st-century skin-care problem: breakouts caused by phone-to-face contact.

Recipe: The Clean Sweep Smoothie
Leap into spring feeling lighter with the Clean Sweep Smoothie. It’s loaded with lymphatic-system-revving ingredients to help unclog your pipes and boost energy.

Underground at Le Parker Meridien: 57th Street’s new wellness oasis
Underground at Le Parker Meridien is a veritable Midtown playground of personal grooming, fitness, and relaxation all delivered at affordable luxury prices.

5 workouts that may cause an exercise orgasm
New research says that exercise-induced orgasms are real. In case the small study is right, here are 5 New York City workouts that just may bring one on.