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Equinox’s Q Blog does for fitness what Vogue does for fashion. And today the stylish site featured the fashion-forward gym-bag contents of Well+Good’s co-founder Alexia in its most recent Unzipped column.

Alexia Nike shoes
Everyone’s crushing on Alexia’s Nike Racquette Slice High Tops, including Q Blog.

“If you run a fitness, beauty and wellness website, in a way, your gym bag is kind of like your briefcase,” writes Q about Alexia. True that!

Check out the contents of Alexia’s carefully packed gym bag:

Water bottle —Check.
Cleansing wipes—Check.
Glitter leggings—Check.

…It’s all about the essentials.

Please share the contents of your gym bag in the Comments section, below! We’re dying to know what makes your fitness studio-to-street life easy. What’s the one item you always take to the gym? Tell us!