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By Alexandra Spunt for

With so-called swimsuit season looming, the magazines are churning out their seasonal fodder about the best beach bods, along with recommendations for body firming creams.

Here’s what we think about those creams: Take $50 bucks, drop it down the toilet, now flush. That’s about the same result you’ll get—a lighter wallet, not more toned thighs—from one of these overpriced, and definitely over-promisey products. Not to mention the cheap chemicals most contain.

As we sadly discovered in the book, there is no cream to get rid of cellulite, which is a combination of genetics and lifestyle—and is highly common in women. Most of us have some to complain of. What does help is increasing muscle and reducing fat—generally a pretty healthy endeavor—through exercise, healthy eating, lots of water, and all that good (tough) stuff. Oh and a tan, real of fake, can help a sister out too (and a little vitamin D on the legs is a good idea for some, though not if you’re a burner).

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