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Yoga Dudes

Over the past few years, the men’s health campaign Movember has picked up a lot of steam, so much so that now every November you may have to put up with your boyfriend’s sort-of creepy mustache. (You can’t argue when it’s for charity.)

Now, the folks behind YogaTrail are giving the initiative a yogic twist, with “Yoga Dudes for Movember,” a calendar that flaunts facial hair as a fun way to promote awareness for serious issues. The project aims to get more guys doing yoga, which makes sense, since it’s a practice that can lead to good health in so many varied ways.

And—wait for it—the centerpiece of the campaign is a photo contest (starting on November 1) in which the best photos posted on the app Yoga Poses Around the World will be featured in a 2014 Yoga Dudes for Movember calendar. Proceeds from sales will go to Movember’s men’s health initiatives.

Yoga Dudes calendarDon’t worry—you can even enter if you’re merely a female supporter. Just be prepared to rock some faux facial hair. Says contest creator Alexandra Jaton, “If we get some super fun entries of ladies with mustaches, they could make it into the calendar, too.” —Lisa Elaine Held

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