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By Briana Rognlin for

In recent years, seaweed has really come out from behind the sushi bar; it’s sold in most health food stores, available in pre-made salads, included in more and more clean recipes, and even sold alone as a packaged snack.

So why should we eat it? “The short answer is that seaweed is all minerals, straight from the sea,” says Terry Walters, health counselor and author of CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START—two of my personal favorite cookbooks, and ones that happen to be chock full of ideas for incorporating more sea vegetables into your diet.

When I spoke to Walters about why she’s such a fan of using seaweed in her cooking, she explained that seaweed’s mineral content is especially beneficial for women’s bone strength, because “we absorb [calcium and minerals] better in food form than pill form.”

While different sea vegetables have different nutrient profiles, generally, they’re “incredibly heart-healthy, supportive to the liver and nervous system,” and she explains that “there’s even a school of thought that sea vegetables help break down masses like tumors or cysts, and flush inflammation from the body.”

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