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Will Flywheel’s newest location come with golden handlebars?

flywheel florida
Dubai's beaches may soon be spotted with Flywheel tanks.

Residents of Dubai might have to get used to seeing sweaty women in sports bras.

Flywheel Sports announced today that it will be opening its first international studio in the Middle Eastern city, known as the Las Vegas of the East (but with way more money).

While London or Vancouver may have been a more predictable move, Jay Galluzo, co-founder of the spinning empire, said that Dubai’s reputation as a rapidly growing global city contributed to the decision, as did a partnership with a group of Middle Eastern entrepreneurs.

“Our partners in the Middle East are terrific business people,” he says. “They know the market really well and they gave us confidence that it would be successful.”

Galluzo says the location will cater to Emiratis, expats, and travelers alike, and that it will be “pretty spectacular” but generally have the same look and feel of a stateside studio. “You’ll know you’re in a Flywheel,” he says. There goes our fantasy of golden handlebars and spinning under Baccarat crystal chandeliers.

After Dubai (which will be the brand’s 11th location), Flywheel will continue to spread to other countries, reaching 20 studios by the end of the year. Is a Champs-Élysées location next?  —Lisa Elaine Held