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(Photo: VPL)
(Photo: VPL)

No, it’s not a Cirque du Soleil rehearsal. But there were breathtaking aerialists spinning over head.

Last week, fashion activewear line VPL put its clothing into motion for its Spring 2015 Ready to Wear presentation for New York Fashion Week—with an (awesome) aerial performance in its Soho boutique.

That’s taking things even higher for VPL, who for its Fall 2014 presentation, showed models with sports balls, doing Physique 57, and posing with gymnastic rings.

“Aerial performance is an extreme sport, and we wanted to challenge our clothes in terms of performance and demonstrate our strength and beauty,” VPL president Kikka Hanazawa says. “Modern women are active, and I don’t think women buy activewear inspired by images of models [just] standing in clothes. They don’t feel authentic.”

(Photo: Jamie McKillop for Well+Good)
(Photo: Jamie McKillop for Well+Good)

Head designer Victoria Bartlett dressed the performers in color-blocked bras and leotards in lavender, turquoise, and red that emphasized movement. A dramatic film played during the presentation that featured aerialists swinging from different rustic locales upstate.

VPL’s presentation came just one day after Athleta’s splashy Fashion Week performance where choreographed dancers and athletes worked out with balls and on trampolines, set to flashing lights and thumping bass.

Both of these presentations, which placed fitness performance and prowess front and center, fly in the face of complaints that Fashion Week has become boring. While the performers scaled the scaffolding, spun around intrepidly, getting their heart rates up, our hearts beat quicker, too, for watching it. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit and view the VPL Spring 2015 art video below