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hurricane sandyThis week’s been a doozy. Whether you were affected directly by Hurricane Sandy or just the photos, the devastating event has caused many of us to feel way more fragile.

While our rattled nerves and disrupted lives can’t be scotch-taped together, sometimes a few kind words can really help keep your chin up.

Here are some of the positive words, insightful comments, and hopeful messages about the crisis we spotted around the web—from urban Buddhists like Ethan Nichtern to media mogul Arianna Huffington.


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holding handsThe lesson: Togetherness.

The speaker: Ethan Nichtern, the author of two books, founder of the The Interdependence Project and a Shastri (senior teacher) in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

The quote: All. In. This. Together. Pass it on.


The lesson: Love the earth and each other more.

The speaker: Kelly Morris, the unapologetic, famously frank, jacked-up-on compassion yoga teacher whose motto is “Why just stretch, when you can save the world?” She’s the founder-director of Conquering Lion Yoga, and teaches at The Shala in New York.

The quote: The earth, Mother Nature, is a living, sentient being, not a dead rock orbiting the sun randomly and without purpose…. May each thundering call awaken our hearts to the plight of earth. May each of us be called to live righteously, ethically and kindly upon her green and blue shores. May we take care of each other. Read more…



leaves_fall_woman_aloneThe lesson: Even when ease is most difficult, it is still there for us.

The speaker: Sharon Salzberg, meditation teacher, NY Times Best Selling author & cofounder of Insight Meditation Society. Sharon also leads monthly Real Happiness Meditation Q & A Tweet Chats via Twitter @SharonSalzberg.

The quote: May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you live with ease.


republican_democrats_working_together_stickerThe lesson: National compassion, or how Mother Nature brought political opposites together.

The speaker: Arianna Huffington is the president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group,  and author of thirteen books.

The quote: At a moment of extreme [political] polarization, Mother Nature brought us together. Suddenly, the artificial walls that our political process erects to separate us into little demographic micro-groups to make us believe we have no mutual interests got blown away by the massive hurricane… Read more…


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