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Workout with Well+Good and Brooklyn Bridge Boot CampLast night Ariane Hundt, founder of Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, kicked the butts of Well+Good readers across the bridge to Dumbo and back for our monthly Workout with Well+Good. Alexia and I were thrilled to meet you—and have readers meet each other. Sorry we were so sweaty.

For those of you who couldn’t join us, Ariane uses the bridge as a jungle gym, only letting us stop—to do push-ups (about six sets of 15), excruciating lunges and squats, and strengthening stretches with the world’s smallest resistance bands. All of this is followed by a bit of mercy: thigh-quivering wall sits (pictured here). Jealous? Give Boot Camp a try.

Workout With Well+Good and Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp 2

And please join me and Alexia Brue next month for another great workout. Those of you who attended last night’s Workout already know what we have in store for you, but we’ll be announcing it officially next week. Stay tuned!

Now back to applying my arnica,
Melisse Gelula