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Yoga Month Part IV: Your guide to NYC studios

yogaSeptember is Yoga Month, and to celebrate, we’re catching you up on all things yoga every Monday through the month.

This week: Your guide to a studio-packed city

There are as many yoga studios as Starbucks in New York City—actually, there are more yoga studios. And we regularly scope them out so you know where to go. Here are some great places to lay your mat:

1. The Members-Only Players: Pure Yoga vs. YogaWorks

2. The Indies: 4 small spots we love

3. Noteworthy Newcomers: Exhale launches a yoga program

4. How to Spend More Time at Your Studio: Yoga studios that double as massage centers and top-notch cafes, and some moonlight as nightclubs

5. Studio Upgrades: These studios may have expanded since you last visited—Yoga Vida, Laughing Lotus, and Kula Yoga Project

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