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You thought we were niche—the best gift guides for cyclists, runners, and more

healthy giftsObviously, we’re partial to our own Healthy Gift Guide, but there are lots of other in-the-know wellness peeps who have created specialized guides for every healthy person on your list.

We rounded up the best of the wellness blogosphere:

For the bike enthusiast: Velojoy’s 50 holiday gift ideas for city cyclists

For the runner: Losing Weight in the City’s What to Buy the Runner in your Life and Meals and Miles’ Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Runner’s Edition

For the ballet beautiful: Blisstree’s Practical Gifts for Dancers

For the do-gooder: Greatist’s 21 Charitable Gifts That Could Change the World

For the ethical vegan: Alicia Silverstone’s My Kind Gift Guide

For the gluten-free gal: The Healthy Apple’s Gluten-Free Holiday Gifts

For the natural beauty maven: Feelgood Style’s Organic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide