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Sippable superfoods are a daily wellness staple—whether it’s your daily green juice, your post-workout protein drink, or your cold-pressed custom blend. But how do you keep your combos interesting? Welcome to the debut of Back to the Roots, our series with 1915 Bolthouse Farms™  where we’ll highlight The Buzziest Things in a Bottle Right Now—AKA the talk of your (healthy) summer. All of these of-the-moment ingredients can be found in 1915’s delicious, organic, non-GMO concoctions, which range from cold-pressed juices to plant-based protein drinks.  

The ingredient: Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of those foods that has come in and out of healthy eating consciousness for decades. It was a breakfast table staple for your grandma’s generation (along with toast and coffee)— and yet it fits in perfectly with today’s focus on nutrient-dense foods. It’s time to take another look at this superfruit.

What’s in it

Just one medium grapefruit has 59 percent of the vitamin C recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. And the rich pink or red color? That’s because of lycopene, a phytonutrient with major antioxidant powers.


Why it’s trending

Lately there’s been some excitement and innovation around the fruit (grapefruit brulee anyone?). And since avocado-grapefruit pairings have been a traditional salad pairing for decades—with the tart sharpness of the grapefruit mellowed by the avocado’s creaminess—a lot of people are amping up the avocado toast megatrend by adding some gorgeous pink slices on top.

Any way you cut it, the bright, familiar flavor of grapefruit is being dished up—or sipped up—in modern ways—creating a new wave of appreciation for the sour-sweet superfruit.

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