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Eat-in with slow food

Photo of peachesEating local, seasonal food is a mantra more easily preached than practiced. What are we supposed to do with ramps (the spring’s first offering) and why can’t we keep track of the different berry seasons?  For a quick tutorial, we caught up with Jerusha Klemperer, Campaign Manager for Slow Food’s Time for Lunch Program, and asked her what she’s buying now at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. The answer: peaches and corn. Jerusha Klemperer


Combine the two in this unusual salad and wow your friends at a Labor Day Eat-In (click here to find one near you), a picnic protest calling for more generous budgets for public school lunches. Here’s what Jerusha will be preparing for Slow Food’s Eat-In at its DUMBO offices. We tried the recipe last night and served it with grilled chicken. It was off-the-charts delicious; make buckets–people might want it for dessert too.


8 ears of corn
3 ripe peaches
2 large cucumbers
1 large red onion
basil or cilantro (optional)
olive oil
a splash of red or white wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

First cook the corn. Klemperer’s fool-proof method is to put shucked corn in a pot (use lid) and cover corn with water. Turn the heat on high and once the water comes to a boil, voila, the corn is done. Let the corn cool, then cut kernels off the ears. Dice the peaches, the red onion, the cucumbers and the basil or cilantro. Toss with olive oil, red or white wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

Serves 6-8