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Beets don't kill my vibeWe’re generally pretty serious about food, whether it’s about when to buy organic or local produce, how to order healthy meals at a French restaurant (it can be done!) or when reporting on a slew of foods that just aren’t good for you.

But sometimes it’s fun to poke fun at your fruits and veggies.

So, while this isn’t exactly part of the China Study, we’re advocates of wearing your greens on your sleeves. Quite literally. So we’re sharing these fresh (as in cheeky) tanks and t-shirts that will very like inspire a few laughs, if not a kale salad. —Sarah Sarway

Photo: Sweetgreen NYC


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I'm a Fungi

Because your positive attitude is contagious.



Lettuce Turnip the Beet


Can you hear those salad blades chopping away? SLICE-DICE-BABY. SO COLD, SO COLD.




When you want to let them have it, this will give them something to chew on.



lettuce turnip the beets kids 2

…Plus matching threads for the little veggie-lover in your life. Just because he takes his carrots blended doesn’t mean he doesn’t love ’em!



Brock LEE


Teach them what you know, veggie master.



Beets don't kill my vibeJay-Z is totally rooting for you.

Via Sweetgreen NYC


Hey hot stuff

Wear this spicy look to your next hot workout.



Kale University

Your favorite greens (and reds and yellows) are always in session at KALE UNIVERSITY.

Via Candle Cafe 


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