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grilling tipsWant to treat your July 4th party guests to a festive, smoky meal that won’t mess with their health?

It turns out there’s more to better-for-you grilling than just buying grass-fed beef or making veggie patties—and Maria Rodale, heir to an organic family legacy and current CEO and chairman of Rodale, Inc., would know.

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Rodale just posted her genius guide to how to give the classic BBQ a serious organic makeover on her blog, Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen, and it includes lots of unexpected ways to detoxify the grilling process.

Examples? It helps to choose charcoal made from natural ingredients like wood, coconut, or bamboo, you should never use a wire brush to clean the grill, and if you know how to make a “grilling chimney,” you can eliminate the need for chemical-laced lighter fluid.

Read the complete list to revolutionize the way you barbecue this year, because, you know, independence from the tyranny of toxins on July Fourth is important, too. —Emily Karr and Lisa Elaine Held

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