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Pulse Ribbon

If you’re trying to eat more protein—and if you’re working out on the reg, you definitely are—you may be finding that hitting your ideal grams is tougher than keeping up with your FitBit. There is a solution, though, and it’s easy, delicious, and even cheap (!): pulses.

The family of superfoods known as pulses—lentils, chickpeas, beans, and dry peas—are so versatile, you’ll never hit that protein fatigue wall. Plus, they’re super high in fiber (four times more than brown rice), iron, and antioxidants.

For serious recipe inspo, check out The (Delicious) Primer to Pulses, our guide to the budget-friendly, sustainable superfoods:
• A delish split-pea toast recipe that could replace your avocado habit
• A healthy chocolate lava cake (made with black beans!),
• A life-altering beet hummus
• And more!

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