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Recipe: The Clean Sweep Smoothie

Clean Sweep Spring Smoothie Recipe

Over the winter season, our lymphatic system (the body’s cellular waste-removal system) can become sluggish and congested, resulting in lethargy, itchiness, joint pain, swelling, and allergies.

The biggest cause: Carb-and-dairy comfort foods or processed ones. Heard of them?

Ayurvedics use the arrival of spring as a time to focus on clearing the lymphatic system. The thinking goes that if you don’t Drano your pipes, you contribute to year-round clogs—colds and flus, low energy, and overall low immunity.

This workhorse smoothie helps do the job. It’s powered by dandelion root tea, a lymphatic-system kickstarter with purifying properties for the liver, blood, stomach, colon, sinuses. Lemon and parsley help nudge the liver, blue green algae is purifying, and bee pollen adds a dose of buzzy energy.

And don’t forget colorful carrots (aka root-veggie maid service): when eaten raw, they bind to waste and help flush it out. —Jennifer Kass

Sip on this energizing seasonal spring blend in the morning to power up your day and your detox


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

1 c dandelion root tea (steeped for 10 mins., the night before, and chilled)
4-5 leaves of organic romaine lettuce
1 big handful of sprouts
1/2 c chopped parsley
1 lemon (cut off the skin and use the whole fruit; pits, pith, and all)
1 organic carrot, chopped
1 tbs bee pollen
1 tbs blue green algae (or spirulina)
2-3 ice cubes

Got a friend who could use a little spring detox smoothie? Email her this recipe!