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Luckily “Top Chef” wasn’t filming today, and we were able to convince the Lunch Lady to break her standing Thursday lunch date with Padma Lakshmi to swing by the Well+Good test kitchen. Although the Lunch Lady had ordered a wild heritage bird months ago, we enticed her to sample our meat alternative, the Tofurky. We think she really enjoyed it.

For those who don’t recognize the Lunch Lady, she cooks up gorgeous slop at Brooklyn’s beloved Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant. (Check out the pre-Holiday show at the Bushwick Star. It’s the best 5-course meal for $50 that you’ll ever eat and hilariously funny to boot.) The Lunch Lady has performed apprenticeships with the Khorog Mulberry Growers of Tajikistanan, an artisan baker in Provence, and the lunchroom cafeteria at Queensbury High School in upstate New York.