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Photo: [email protected]

Yes, celebrities spend thousands on detox retreats and hundreds on smoothies—but sometimes their lives are surprisingly on par with the everyday woman.

Exhibit A? That time when Cher—you know, the original one-named singer—posted her frustrations with Fabletics, the activewear line created by fellow celeb Kate Hudson.

Earlier this week, the singer tweeted: “Made mistake of going 2 Fabletics.What a pain in the ass. Won’t even let u see anything till u give them ur 1st born!! Felt I Was Being Conned.”

The line, which runs as a subscription-based activewear line, has faced criticism from other shoppers for not being transparent about its subscription-like payment plan—AKA once you buy your first budget-friendly outfit, you’re billed $49.99 every month. While you can use that payment as credit on the site to keep buying more adorable looks, you can’t shop unless you’re a member and are paying that monthly fee.

However, Fabletics’ customer service does seem to be making a strong effort to address criticism, vowing to restructure their business model and even tweeting back at Cher: “We LOVE you @Cher! Please know our quiz is to personalize shopping and so we can eliminate waste by only creating clothing people want.”

Sounds like Cher’s about to get a big box of Fabletics goodies coming her way soon.

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