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Satya Scainetti and Kiran Rai. (Photo: Kiran Rai)
Satya Scainetti and Kiran Rai. (Photo: Kiran Rai)

This past summer, two names in the spiritual and wellness fashion space quietly joined forces—scarf designer Kiran Rai of Sir Alistair Rai and jewelry designer Satya Scainetti of Satya Jewelry.

Rai is now the CEO of Satya Jewelry, a brand worn on every yogi or meditator at some point, and of Sir Alistair Rai, while Scainetti is focusing on the design side of Satya Jewelry. And the two think their alignment will let both lines shine.

“I was immediately drawn to Satya Jewelry because our aesthetics are so like-minded,” Rai explains. “We both believe in delivering a spiritual message through on-trend, beautifully crafted accessories.”

“Kiran and I and have very similar, very successful companies,” Scainetti adds. “It’s a perfect match for us.”

(Photo: Kiran Rai)
Satya Jewelry earrings and a Sir Alistair Rai scarf. (Photo: Kiran Rai)

Satya Jewelry and Sir Alistair Rai, both of which have celeb followings, will remain separate companies (for the time being). Expect to see Sir Alistair Rai scarves in Satya stores and on the Satya website, which Rai has revamped to be more visually similar to the Sir Alistair Rai site.

Scainetti’s efforts within Satya Jewelry are being put towards a fine jewelry line for fall, in addition to an upcoming collaboration collection with proceeds going to The Chopra Foundation.

(Photos: Satya Mandala necklace in Grazia Magazine; Mala necklace for Satya)

“We will continue to deliver all the elements for which we are respectively known, while infusing new items with both of our designs and creative inspirations,” Rai explains.

And the perks of their team effort go beyond the practical ones: “We believe firmly that work is the perfect place to infuse some joy and laughter into your day,” Rai says. “Having a sense of humor is essential for any business owner.” We see some good times ahead for these stylish entrepreneurs. —Jamie McKillop

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