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Photo: Carmex
Photo: Carmex

Carmex Branded-RibbonHave you ever applied lip balm to chapped lips, only to reapply again, like, five minutes later? Same. When the weather changes, flakey skin problems are real—and it’s tough to find a solution that lasts longer than your morning smoothie.

Carmex understands the struggle. The brand’s new lip balm, Carmex Comfort Care, packs a blend of skin-soothing colloidal oatmeal, cold-pressed fruit-seed oil, and mixed berry flavor for a long-lasting, antioxidant-rich moisture surge. Oh hey, smooth lips.

In that skin-saving spirit, we’ve teamed up with Carmex to share more ways to help you smoothly transition into fall (and, dare we mention it, winter). Look for great advice on:

Prepare for your most-moisturized fall and winter ever.

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