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How about a kale facial?

kale_facialYou know eating your massaged kale is good for your health, but it turns out so is massaging it into your skin.

Éminence, the skin-care brand based on fruits and veggies, just launched a serum and masque loaded with kale extract. (Um, hello, what took so long?) So now your skin-care routine can be filled with the same leafy greens as your smoothies. But is it just as good for you?

“Whether you’re eating kale or topically applying it, you’re getting great benefits,” says Natalie Pergar, the lead skin-care trainer for Éminence. She likes kale for its mega nutrients, like lutein, which is a carotenoid, Pergar says. “Carotenoids have an impressive way of neutralizing free radical damage and a big free radical causer is sunlight.” So no one’s immune there.

Kale, skin-care, kale facial, Éminence
Pergar suggests applying the serum in the morning, because it’ll do double-duty against UV rays along with your SPF, and using the masque once or twice a week. (Photo: Éminence)

The Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum ($110) and Masque ($70) are also filled with avocado, spinach, broccoli, and chlorophyll, so it’s like a salad for your face.

And the serum is souped up with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and E, which have a track record for preventing and minimizing damage caused by UV rays, as well as brightening skin tone, and boosting hydration and elasticity.

The products, which debut today, will also star in kale facials at spas across the country, such as Go Green and Oasis Day Spa in New York City, and Spa Montage and RA Organic in Los Angeles.

So, assuming you’re on a green-juice-a-day mission, now your pores can soak up almost as much kale as you do. —Molly Gallagher

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