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activewear videoOh printed leggings, how do we love to wear thee? You’re great for running along the Golden Gate Promenade, dancing through a few rounds of 305 Fitness, but also, let’s be real—”doing literally nothing” in.

Which is the point of this hilarious new video created by Australian comedy group Skit Box.

In the barely two-minute video, which may have already taken your social media feeds by storm, the group of what appear to be sweat-ready, spandex-clad women do just about everything but work out in their athleisure outfits (emphasis on the leisure).

Think having coffee with friends, being hungover on the couch, and shopping for activewear in their activewear. (We won’t make too much fun, though, because we’re bringing this to you from our desks at the office…dressed in activewear.)

Check out the video for a good laugh, below. —Sarah Sarway