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No matter how many printed leggings or stylish sneakers are in your workout wardrobe, there’s one element of your ensemble that likely never changes: your trusty ponytail.

Thankfully, a newly trending hairstyle gives everyone’s go-to updo a much-needed makeover. I’m talking about the braided ponytail, a super-chic hybrid of those ubiquitous boxer braids and the classic pony.

You might remember wearing it at a younger age (thanks, Mom!) or perhaps you’ve seen Blake Lively rocking the style—either way, it’s back.

Major bonus? It’s easy. For the most low-maintenance take on the style, all you need to do is brush your hair to rid it of any knots, pull it back into a sleek pony, braid your ponytail, and tie the end.

But—as is the case with all braided hairstyles—there are endless ways to take the look to the next level. From fishtails to Dutch braids to braided tops with loose ends, you’ve got no shortage of variations on the braided ponytail theme to play with.

Want some inspiration? Keep reading to see 12 seriously cool takes on the braided ponytail, all spotted on Instagram.

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braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@nellatornroos


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@hair_by_pelerossi


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@justineskye


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@hairbyrubymay


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@brookecarriehil


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@stephanie_danielle


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@sylvs9


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@mangorabbitrabbit


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@rebeccadivinestylist


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@fakander


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@missysueblog


braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram/@nicholeciotti

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