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Track and Field 1Fitness fashion photo shoots can be a little complicated, with much more dynamic movement than the “turn your head that way” required of an average model on a static set.

Showing the clothes in action is totally necessary says Fred Wagner, the co-founder of The Track & Field Store, a huge Brazilian activewear brand that recently arrived in the United States.

“As a fitness fashion brand, we have to produce images that translate to the healthy lifestyles of our clients,” Wagner says. “It’s crucial to project the vales of the brand.”

To illustrate, he gave us a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a recent The Track & Field Store photo shoot in Los Angeles, the results of which will be displayed in stores, including new locations in New York City and Miami, opening early next year. —Jamie McKillop

(Photos: Track and Field)


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Track and Field“For each shoot, we’re looking to places that are natural fitness and sports hubs,” Wagner says. “We went to Muscle Beach and Santa Monica, places that are known as fitness destinations. And in LA, of course, you have the influence of the beach.”


Track and Field 3“For the first time, we used Brazilian and American models in this shoot,” Wagner explains. “It’s about the idea of mixing the cultures to communicate that we are expanding into America while keeping the roots of our brand.”


Track and Field 2“The shoots can be very physically demanding,” Wagner says. “Some models joke that they don’t need to work out for a week afterwards. It’s a very active experience, very different from static modeling. That’s why we always look for active and fit models, otherwise it would look strange.”


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