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Michelle Bridges Australia's Biggest Loser

Health and fitness fanatics Down Under call Michelle Bridges their guru. And if the straight-talking trainer from Australia’s The Biggest Loser has her way, soon thousands of Americans will, too.

In addition to appearing on TV sets across the Australian continent, Bridges has also written six best-selling weight loss books and created a wildly popular online 12 Week Body Transformation program that helped Australia lose a combined 1.6 million pounds.

Now, the Aussie is debuting her program stateside with a sneak preview that kicks off October 21 (and is temporarily free of charge). The daily online regimen combines workouts, nutrition, “mindset lessons” (where you learn how to undo habits that aren’t serving you), and community support.

As to why she decided to bring the program to the States, Bridges says she’s dedicated to “making a dent in the global obesity epidemic.” Even if it means traversing a ridiculous number of time zones. “I know my program works, and that we can truly change lives and improve health. When it comes to the U.S., I’m up for the challenge!”

Given the popularity and influence of her fitness counterpart, Jillian Michaels, Americans might also be willing to give Bridges a shot as their virtual trainer. —Jamie McKillop

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