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Work Out New YorkFirst, there were housewives. Then, there were culinary superstars. And now, mega-popular fitness instructors get to have their turn in the Bravo spotlight.

Beginning August 19, Bravo viewers around the world will finally be let into the fast-paced and sweaty world of Manhattan’s hottest trainers with Work Out New York. The group of soon-to-be ‘Bravolebrities’ include seven superstars who’ve already achieved boutique fitness stardom in New York. (Do Barry’s Bootcamp hunk Noah Neiman, or bad-ass Flywheel instructor Holly Rilinger ring a bell?)

In true Bravo nature, the series synopsis and sneak preview promise tons of (scripted?) drama. “The battle for who is on top never ends,” reads the show’s homepage. “And if they can’t keep their professional jealousies, disagreements and romances in check, the group’s intensity level could go sky high.”

So, does this mean we’ll soon see rounds of HIIT on Watch What Happens: Live? See the show’s two-minute sneak peek, here. —Sarah Sarway

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