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woman getting a free facial
What makes this luxury facial rock? It's free

Hold out for Spa Week and a $50 treatment, if you want. But, newsflash, you don’t have to pay for spa treatments this winter. The city’s rife with free—and nearly free—services.

Makeup markers have been giving free makeovers for eons, now spa brands are joining suite with gratis treatments, as long as you purchase some product.

But instead of sitting in a chair with a thousand people whizzing by, these services take place in a treatment room, fluffy towels and all. Keep your eyes peeled. Most of these deals are fleeting, but they’re no longer all that rare. Here are the best deals to get now:

Perennial Deal
Sisley, the botanically based très chère Paris beauty brand, offers free 30 minute facials at its decked out spa cabine (that’s French for treatment room), right in the middle of the new Bway beauty floor at Bloomingdales on 59th Street. There’s a door, just no ceiling, and a full-size bed. Why give luxury away? “A skin evaluation and customized service helps customers make qualified decisions about buying,” explains Sisley spokesperson Lynn Julian. (So there is some expectation to spend.) “It’s a step up from luxury sampling to actually recommend the right products.” And for quality control, Sisley’s facialists are trained by and report to Sisley Paris, not Bloomies. Call to book, 212-705-3790

Seasonal Deal
Physical Advantage on East 57th Street offers some of the city’s most rigorous rehab massages—therapists like Laurie Towers, who’s also a big-deal fitness expert, are trained to tackle knots and overworked hamstrings, and resolve aches and pains instead of pamper. The deal here? Buy one get one free massage (rates start at $75 for 30 minutes). How come? Valentines’ is the excuse, but there’s no time limit for booking or scheduling.
Call to book 212-460-1879,

Sporadic Deal

Get on Space NK’s mailing list. Last weekend the Soho beauty apothecary gave 50-minute Ultimate Detox Body Treatments for $100 in its private, full-fledged treatment room. Where’s the deal? The price was entirely redeemable in your choice of Elemental Herbology body-care products, a natural London-based brand that’s new here. A spokesperson says Space NK will be offering deals like this one again soon. Stay tuned.

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