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Bikram Yoga NYCIf your subway station has been feeling as steamy as your hot yoga studio, that might be because it is.

WNYC went underground to explore the temperatures at some of the most popular train stations around New York City‚ and what they found was pretty sticky. The highest recorded temperature, at the Brooklyn Bridge station, reached 107 degrees, while the World Trade Center station came in second, at 101 degrees. (The average recommended temperature for Bikram is 105, by the way.)

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The MTA says they’re aware of the sweaty situation, but that there’s not much they can do. “Venting [the stations] would require MTA control over what’s directly above the station, which often isn’t the case,” writes WNYC.

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So maybe save yourself a few bucks and a train ride to Bikram Yoga NYC and roll your mat out on the platform? Of course, we wouldn’t recommend balance poses anywhere near the tracks.  —Emily Karr

(Photo: Facebook/Bikram Yoga NYC)