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Sports have always been a part of Margaux Alvarez’s life—as a kid she trained in Taekwondo, and golf and volleyball filled her extracurricular schedule. Then, after being introduced to CrossFit by a friend, she was immediately hooked.

Fast forward four years, and Alvarez’s dedicated training at her home box, GetLifted in El Paso, Texas, is about to come to a head when she competes against the best of the sport at the CrossFit games this week.

And the LifeProof CrossFit Athlete is staying motivated not only by her aspirations to reach the podium, but also by something that’s a lot closer to her heart: the loss of her little sister in a car accident in 2008.

“It taught me that time isn’t guaranteed,” she tells us. “I have come to appreciate every moment in life and every person I come across.”

For her specifically, this means pursuing her dreams. As she packs her bags to head to her third CrossFit Games, Alvarez shares her goals for this year’s competition, and how she’s making the most of the intense and rewarding experience. —Amy Marturana

What was it like competing in your first two CrossFit Games? My first CrossFit Games, I was like a kid in a candy store. I was in awe and the experience was a lesson in itself. For my second, a broken rib limited me to being more of a spectator with the best seat in the house.

How is this year different from the last two? This year, I’m on a mission. While I’ll still enjoy every moment, I am going in there to win.

Is that your only goal? My goal this year is to podium at the end of the weekend. But unlike other sports, I also look forward to getting to spend time with the competitors throughout the week—on bus rides, waiting in line to compete, or just having a beer with them when it’s over. I also love seeing my family, fans, volunteers and the HQ staff who I have come to love so much. Winning or placing top three is the ultimate goal,  but I will never leave any CrossFit Games weekend dissatisfied.

Are there any unique challenges women face in the CrossFit community? The CrossFit methodology wouldn’t exist if it was not attainable to anyone who walks through our doors. Everyone is equal and women are encouraged not to look for unique challenges, but instead to embrace any weaknesses and improve in those areas.

Any training tips you can share? There are so many tips, but I would narrow it down to this: Be accountable, prepare and execute, review your work, be patient, and enjoy the journey.

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