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Classpass booking

Boutique fitness-obsessed Millennials have come to depend on their $99 ClassPass memberships for access to the increasingly unaffordable workout classes they love. But is that about to change?

On Tuesday, July 14, ClassPass announced its memberships will now set users back $125 per month, a steep $26 increase from the original price.

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“Adjusting the rate lets us continue to deliver the best possible fitness experience we can,” the company said in an e-mail to members earlier today. The rate increase will apply to all new members, but won’t kick in for current subscribers until September or October (depending on how and when they reactivate).

The announcement comes at an interesting time for ClassPass, with the company recently subject to lots of media attention and scrutiny, for both its success and rapid expansion and building backlash from consumers and studios.

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Still, the chance to fill your monthly calendar with workout classes for less than the price of four SoulCycle classes still seems like a pretty good deal. Plus, this isn’t the first time that New Yorkers have had to face a price increase on a service they hold dear to their hearts, and it won’t be the last. Remember when monthly Metrocards were under $100, too? —Sarah Sarway

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