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Prep your prana for spring with these March retreats

Walk the Wild Woman
Find Prana in Paradise (specifically Brazil) with Kimberly Ann Johnson (Photo: YOGANONYMOUS)


Our friends at YOGANONYMOUS are seriously tapped in when it comes to amazing yoga retreats, mind-blowing (and back-bending) workshops, and events that bring yogis together. We share our must-do picks from the website each month. This March, it’s all about thawing out from winter with renewing experiences.  

Yoganonymous logo1. BROGA Yoga Costa Rica Getaway
March 7–16, 2014
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Why you should go: Your boyfriend will go with you on this one. (Or single ladies, expect to find yourself surrounded by a handful of sculpted guys. Just saying.) Robert Sidoti, the founder of Broga, is leading this retreat to the Osa Peninsula, a popular yet still-pristine yoga retreat destination. Sidoti’s known for creating a yoga with dude-appeal, but the itinerary, full of surfing, kayaking, jungle hiking, and horseback riding, is meant to appeal to men and women.

2. Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
March 22—29, 2014
Tulum, Mexico

Why you should go: Melt your winter stress and ease into spring feeling renewed with Kula Yoga and Yogaworks instructor Aarona Pichinson at Amansala, a hot healthy retreat destination. Expect daily doses of yoga and meditation, a jungle hike, taste the local flavors with a cooking class, and do some salsa or Zumba before ending the day in your beachside cabana. Make sure to pack some your sunscreen: There will be plenty of time for soaking up some vitamin D with tropical smoothie in hand.

3. Bali Bliss Retreat
March 23–30, 2014
Ubud, Bali

Why you should go: Beautiful, tropical, spiritually-charged Bali is on the bucket list of every yogi. Take your spring break to the heart of the Ubud forest where you’ll spend a week practicing with San Francisco-based instructor Janet Stone in a circular pavilion with 360 degree views of bamboo tropics. (There’s nothing like practicing in open-air yoga pavilions.) Luxe amenities include private villa lodging, organic cuisine, and a stunning spring-fed spa.

4. Prana In Paradise: Waking the Wild Woman
March 23–29, 2014
Bahia, Brazil

Why you should go: Feeling a little out-of-touch with your inner goddess? Reconnect with her “where fresh waters and lush Brazilian rainforest meet the sea” on this trip with Kimberly Ann Johnson, who’s studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar, and focuses on the relationship of yoga to being a woman. You’ll stay at The Butterfly House, one of the chicest eco-resorts in Brazil. Sip coconut water from the shell, eat local veggies and seafood (if you wish), take a dip in natural pools, explore the islands and coral reefs, and dive into the world of the Divine Feminine thought practice.

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