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Yoga VidaOh great, one more thing to distract you from “letting it all go” during savasana.

According to yoga scene blog YogaCity NYC, a woman’s wallet was recently stolen as she was changing for class at Yoga Vida, after two men successfully executed a carefully crafted scheme at the downtown studio. And it might not have been an isolated incident.

Two men entered the studio under the guise of looking for jobs, and while one distracted the front desk employee, the other snuck into the practice room to snatch the wallet from the woman’s bag, reported YogaCity. A year ago, 11 studios in Manhattan reported similar incidents, with seven resulting in stolen items.

The news is bound to be unnerving for yogis, who tend to regard studios as safe spaces. Personally, I clutch my bag in front of me like it’s filled with Cartier diamonds (rather than crumpled receipts) at bars or on the subway. But in yoga studios, I leave it laying around and assume everyone is practicing good karma. Is that bubble burst?

“Hopefully we can distribute this info to as many local studios as possible and nip it in the bud before they decide to try this again,” Yoga Vida owner Mike Patton told YogaCity. On that note, front desk employees at studios might just have to become trained as (Buddhist) bouncers, too. —Lisa Elaine Held

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(Photo: Yoga Vida, via Gilt City)