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Instead of practicing yoga in one of the endless high-end studios that charge an arm and a leg, Instagram user Sara Ticha has amassed a huge following thanks to her out-of-the-box fitness routine.

Much like the infamous glass-bottom bridge yogis, Ticha uses the streets as her personal fitness playground, proving you don’t need a gym to get fit.

The street artist of fitness uses a tripod to capture the perfect shots of herself in unusual locations, which generally feature her upside down, showing off her extreme flexibility.

Also known for coining the hashtag, #yogaoffthemat, she has gained over 6,000 followers, who are eager to implement her unique exercise into their own lives. According to We Are Draze, Ticha said, “For me, yoga doesn’t only happen on the mat; it also happens on my way to the university, on my plate, or at work. I spend the majority of my day off the mat but I carry yoga with me everywhere I go. Yoga is fun, individual, and limitless, and you can benefit from it at any stage of your life and in every situation.”

See more awesome shots of Sarah in action here.

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