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Seasonal Yoga
Why all the karnapidasanas? It's vata season, silly.

As I was breathing in karnapidasana recently—not easy to do when on your back with your legs bent alongside your head—the muffled words of Brooklyn-based yoga teacher Angela Arnold managed to find their way through my knees into my ears: “It’s vata season, so it’s good to do deep forward bends.” And so I discovered that yoga poses, like produce and fashion, are also seasonal.

According to Ayurveda, fall and winter are known as vata season, a time of cold and wind on the outside and possible anxiety and stress (or introspection and self-examination) on the inside.

Most yoga teachers vary their sequences to reflect these seasonal changes, says Arnold. “Although I teach all of these poses in all seasons, I tend to give more deep forward bends in fall and winter. Forward folds calm the body, slow the breath and heart rate, and create a lasting feeling of contentment because they focus on the parasympathetic nervous system. My intention is to bring a little peace to the mind, even if the world isn’t peaceful. I also teach more poses like bakasana, which require you to energize your center point and stabilize your body in a time of transition. In summer, when the body feels more expansive, I teach more backbends.”

Since many of us use yoga to help deal with the clutter in our heads, I guess it doesn’t hurt that teachers like Arnold bring Ayurvedic’s seasonal stress-management philosophy into the picture to help us—okay, me—better cope. And while there may not be a pose to make spring come more quickly, a few extra deep forward bends may help us make it through winter.

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