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Summer sales on workout wear at wellandgoodnyc.comIt feels like the beginning of summer, but the city’s fitness-clothing stores are already making room for fleece and fall workout gear. So make like it’s the day after Thanksgiving and take advantage of today’s summer sales—and the walk-in-freezer–like temperatures in stores.

Another justification: If you stock up now, you’ll have a new wardrobe to wear in at Wanderlust and a solid three months to get acquainted with your new running tights (do they chafe, effectively wick, or ride up?) before the fall races.


“It’s not exactly a summer sale,” said a salesperson at the notoriously sales-shy chain. But all five New York City Lululemon stores have mark-down racks filled with crops and tanks. The only bummer: you won’t find any bargain Groove pants.

Adidas Originals Store
Before there was American Apparel, there was Adidas. Shoes and clothing are 30 percent off at the Adidas Originals Store (136 Wooster St., near Prince St.), all reissues of the brand’s iconic looks in the 1960s-80s.

Equinox Shops
Through July 5th, all the shops in Equinox gyms have marked down their clearance items by another 50 percent. The deal applies to super name-brand yoga pants, tanks, hoodies, sports bras, and Speedo swimsuits. All Equinox retail locations


Athleta's Chaturanga capris
We flip for a sale on yoga pants. These are Athleta's Chaturanga capris

Be Present
A handful of the yoga brand’s popular Agility pants—the ones with the slit at the calf and made in Breathe Weave—are $10 off, making them $53.

Chaturanga-style yoga pants ($46.99), capris ($36.99), and shorts ($21.99) are 30 percent off.

New Balance
Prices on running pants and tights like the uber-cool NBx Capris are seriously slashed: $23–$48. Free shipping today only.