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My Workout Playlist: Pure Barre’s Shalisa Pouw

workout_playlist_shalisa_pouwStill running to songs of seasons past? We’re here to help! Each week, we share the tunes of popular fitness instructors who’ve got a serious knack for cranking out amazingly motivating music.

As a a Pure Barre studio owner in Colorado and a master trainer for the fast-growing national brand, Shalisa Pouw knows barre. But she’s just as proud of her mad DJ skills as her pulses.

“I love when I hear that people were introduced to songs in their Pure Barre class long before they hit the radio!” Pouw says.

She believes music can propel you forward in barre class, as you pulse and tuck to the beat—no matter how tough it gets.

“When putting together my playlists, I like to look for songs that build energy as they go, so that the beat really kicks in when the works starts to get challenging,” she says.

Pouw’s mix for us includes killer remixes by popular artists (think Calvin Harris and Haim fusions), as well as a handful of hidden gems, to get you grooving in your grippy socks. —Jennifer Hare

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