Ban.Do Just Made Creating Your Own Self-Care Starter Kit Super Easy

Yoga mat bags, candles, and face masks abound.

Self-care is both ubiquitous and enigmatic. While it is totally part of everyday conversation, what it is exactly can be hard to pinpoint. My self-care collection, for example, includes a record player, face masks, body oils, and more candles than the fire department would probably prefer. (Oh, and an embroidery kit, too, because #hobbies). But for others, it means nothing more than finding a prime meditation spot.

So while essential accessories of the trade differ from person to person, lifestyle brand's robust self-care section is curated specifically for those moments when you need to unwind and de-stress in whatever way feels best for you.

From the miscellaneous, (a kit to banish bad energy) to the surprisingly utilitarian and chic (a yoga mat bag), has the stuff you need to make every day feel like self-care Sunday.

Take a look at the self-care starter pack essentials below.

Upgrade your self-care ritual with this $3 face mask and a good read.

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