My 10 Favorite Fitness Buys of the Year…Including AirPods Pro

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2020 schooled us on new ways to sweat. When gyms and fitness studios closed their doors, we had to learn how to make the most of that 6'X5' rectangle of free space in the middle of the living room. And somehow we managed to do it. This past year may have been challenging, but exercise remained as inspiring and clarifying as it's always been.

Along the way, I tried lots of fitness gear (it is my job, after all). Below are a few of my favorites. From noise-cancelling headphones that helped me tune out the world to shorts that made my runs infinitely better, these are the items that have earned a permanent spot in my fitness collection—and deserve a spot in yours.

1. Nike Aeroswift Running Shorts, $65

Photo: Nike

I got my hands on a pair of these shorts a month ago and have sported them on every run since then. The deep side slits mean that every step feels free and unencumbered. And I can't help but imagine that I'm also wearing an Olympic jersey whenever I slip them on.

Shop now: Nike Aeroswift Running Shorts, $65

2. Toned by BaggedEm Yoga Mats, $60 to $80

Photo: Toned by BaggedEm

Toned by BaggedEm's beautiful yoga mats double as artwork for your home (cough, yoga studio). My personal favorite is the Evolving The Face of Fitness and Beauty.

Shop now: Toned by BaggedEm Yoga Mats, $60 to $80

3. Ultracor Serendipity Cropped Hoodie, $198

Photo: Ultracor

Ultracor's beautiful styles are runway-ready but easy to rock around your home. You can wear this piece for your 99 Zoom calls, then step out the door for a midday bike ride. It's game for all.

Shop now:  Serendipity Cropped Hoodie, $198

4. NordicTrack Select-a-Weight 55-Pound Dumbbell Set, $599

Photo: NordicTrack

My boyfriend picked up a pair of these weights at the beginning of quarantine, and I have reaped all the secondhand benefits. When gym machines aren't an option, having dumbbells at your disposal can be a fun, creative way to squeeze in a great strength-training workout. The price is steep, but you'll have them forever.

Shop now: Nordic Track Select-a-Weight 55-Pound Dumbbell Set, $599

5. Apple AirPods Pro, $199

Photo: Amazon

I'm a broken record when it comes to the Apple Airpods Pro. If you want to slip on your headphones and completely disappear into your own world of podcasts and music, there's no better purchase. (FYI: I accidentally put mine through a cycle in the washing machine and they still work beautifully.) Right now, these babies are $50 off on Amazon.

Shop now: Apple AirPods Pro, $199

6. Saucony Endorphin Pro, $200

Photo: Saucony

Whether you're walking or picking up the pace, the Endorphin Pros will help you roll from one step to the next with the efficiency of a cheetah—or maybe just a pro-level runner.

Shop now: Saucony Endorphin Pro, $200

7. Girlfriend Collective Moon Bike Unitard, $78

Photo: Girlfriend Collective

Stepping into this unitard is like donning a superhero cape: The form-fitting, soft fabric makes me feel strong and ready to move. Plus, the versatile piece is great for layering with hoodies and joggers.

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Moon Bike Unitard, $78

8. Nathan VaporHowe Waistpack, $45

Photo: Amazon

I fondly refer to this running accessory as my "dork belt." No matter how many miles I have on deck for the day, it fits my essentials, including my keys, running chews, and extra hairbands. It's not the coolest look—but I'm cool with it.

Shop now: Nathan VaporHowe Waistpack, $45

9. Peloton Bike Essentials, $2,045

black friday peloton bike sale
Photo: Peloton

Buying a Peloton Bike unlocks a new world of fitness opportunities. The bike, paired with the arsenal of rockstar trainers, is enough to make anyone excited to sweat.

Shop now: Peloton Bike Essentials, $2,045

10. JumpSport Model 350 Fitness Trampoline, $329

I think it's safe to say that we all needed to reconnect with our inner children this year, and there's no better way to let loose than hopping on a mini-trampoline.

Shop now: JumpSport Model 350 Fitness Trampoline, $329

Once your mini-trampoline arrives, try this workout:

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