I’m Never Wearing Cotton PJs Again After Trying This Washable Silk Set

Photo: Eberjey
News flash: Though it may feel like it was just May, the holiday season is, indeed, right around the corner. Along with a chill in the air, the season also brings supremely cozy hats, festive cookies, advent calendars, and boatloads of tinsel and nostalgia in tow. And nothing says happy childhood holiday memories (or the home movies and photo albums that hold them) like a set of matching pajamas. That said, as a sophisticated adult (most of the time...), your favorite cozy sleepwear doesn't have to be limited to the fleece-lined onesie of your youth. Your PJs can be just as glamorous as you are. This is where Eberjey washable silk sleepwear comes in.

This week, the loungewear and lingerie powerhouse is taking their first steps into the world of silk with a whole line of menswear-inspired pajamas. (Think: Bridget Jones' Diary but make it luxurious.) The collection features two solid colors with a sangria red and a kelp green, and three unique prints ranging from floral to batik.

What makes this collection special is that, after over a year of trial and error, Eberjey found the perfect momme (the silk's weight), that would be comfortable for everyone, regardless of whether you run hot or cold as you snooze, won't lose its shiny look after a few washes, and, well, washable.

While most silk pajamas require hand-washing or dry-cleaning, these PJs can just be chucked in the machine with the rest of your load for easy cleaning. Additionally, since silk is a strong natural fiber, these silk pieces are breathable, naturally hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, and won't cause any skin irritation or itching while you sleep.

Personally, as a long time subscriber to the “I sleep in the buff” newsletter, what converted me Team Eberjey Washable Silk Sleepwear is how soft the pieces feel on my skin. They're truly the closest you can feel to being in your birthday suit while wearing an outfit that can even be paired with heels to look holiday party-ready.

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