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10 fabulous photos from the New York Yoga Journal Conference

This weekend, the country's most celebrated yogis gathered at Yoga Journal's annual conference in the Big Apple. We visually recap the sweat-and-spirit fest.

New York Yoga Journal ConferenceThis weekend, the country’s most celebrated yoga luminaries gathered at Yoga Journal’s annual conference in the Big Apple to share their wisdom and sequencing with the city’s huge community of yoga teachers and dabblers.

The conference included classes with Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Vinnie Marino, and Cyndi Lee, a Get Your Dance On mega-event with Elena Brower and Natasha Blank (above), a marketplace with yoga pants galore, and so much more.

We recap the sweat-and-spirit fest with 10 fabulous photos.

Photos: Well+Good unless credited otherwise


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Elena Brower and Dana Flynn

New York’s own Elena Brower of Virayoga and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus warmed up the crowd for the yoga happy hour on Friday night.


Rodney Yee Yoga JournalRodney Yee offers adjustments with a huge smile.

Photo: Instagram/YogaJournalEvents


Yoga Journal MarketplaceYogis line up for smoothie samples at Vitamix’s booth in the Yoga Journal Conference Marketplace.


Turmeric AliveTumeric Alive served up its popular turmeric and ginger-infused elixirs, calling them “Yoga in a Bottle.”


New York Yoga Journal conferneceEven when classes were packed (most cases), it felt super energizing to share the experience with a new group of yogis who really brought it.

Photo: Instagram/YogaJournalEvents


Seane Corn yogaSeane Corn, based in Los Angeles, talks to her sold-out Sunday morning class before launching into the fast-paced flow. A revelation many conference-goers come to, Corn said, is “I thought I came here for my hamstrings, but it may have actually been for my heart.”


Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.12.36 PMNatasha Blank, founder of Get Your Dance On, with DJ Drez, kicked off the Conference with the dance party on Friday night, which drew several hundred yogis.


hennaHenna in the Sangha Space!

Photo: Instagram/Yogajournalevents


yoga matsYoga mats were literally everywhere. These are the new spring colors from Manduka.


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