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UncertaintyBy Ed and Deb Shapiro for

It’s a new year and a new beginning. This last one started out with the promise of something different, but the difficulties did not go away. So it is not surprising if there is some uncertainty about the year to come, whether with unemployment, healthcare, or having enough money to pay the bills. It takes courage to shift the story line and move from a familiar and known place to one that is unknown and without reference points, as it means stepping outside of our usual comfort zone.

Ed remembers being excited moving to England, many years ago. He counted the days until he left the US. When he finally arrived in a small cottage in Devon he had to face the reality of creating a whole new way of life. It took time to adjust and realize that change, although inevitable, can also be a time of great personal growth.

Emerging from three years in the Auschwitz concentration camp, psychiatrist Victor Frankl said that after his imprisonment and the destruction of his family, he had been left with only “the last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” That is the choice that each one of us has—a choice in how we live our lives, despite the difficulties we face, and how we care for each other.

Life never stands still, no matter what we do. Change is the very nature of existence—our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, even our relationships are as changeable as the weather or the seasons. Who we are now is not who we were last year, last week, yesterday, even a minute ago. Already our feelings have changed, our thoughts are different, and some of our cells have died while others have been created.

Without change in ourselves we become stifled and stagnant. Being with what is as it is, and integrating the reality of change is wonderfully liberating, the opportunity to clear away layers of dust and cobwebs and to start anew in each moment. We can become fearless through uncertainty.

Keep reading for ten ways of dealing with uncertainty and change…

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