10 surprising healthy foods you can throw on the grill

Move over hamburgers and hot dogs.
Photo: Getty Images/HuffingtonPost.com

By Laura Schocker for the HuffingtonPost.com

HuffingtonPost Hamburgers and hot dogs may be as all-American as fireworks and sparklers when it comes to your 4th of July celebration, but they’re not the only stars of the grill. Lots of healthy, nutrient-packed foods (lettuce! peaches!) cook just as well on those hot grates. They can also be more refreshing on sweltering days, and easier on the waistline, to boot.

So we rounded up 10 surprising healthy foods (with cooking tips!) that you can grill up for your picnic this weekend. Read through then tell us, what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever thrown on the grill?

Keep reading for the 10 healthy foods you should grill this weekend…

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