10 things a heart rate monitor can teach you about your performance

How hard are you really trying? Are you pushing too hard? Heart rate monitors are one tool to help you get back in touch with your body's signals and rhythms.
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HuffingtonPost Heart rate monitors are an easy and insightful way to get back in touch with your body’s signals and rhythms, especially for someone like me.

Like many people who struggle with weight issues, I’ve somewhat lost that mind-body connection—that mindfulness that tells me when I’m truly hungry, full, tired, spent, energetic or none of the above.

Here’s how mine works. I wear a chest strap with a removable transmitter underneath my sports bra. The transmitter picks up electric signals from my heart beat through my skin and sends that information to my watch (they also have models that send the data to a smart phone). Then, based on an algorithm that takes my weight, height, sex and age into account, the watch calculates the total number of calories burned during the workout.

Keep reading to see 10 things I learned by using a heart rate monitor…

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