10 things to do with a bobby pin

These sweet little tips and tricks had us at "Hello." Or rather, "Hello, did you know your hair is kind of a disaster?"
Diane Kruger pretty hair
Diane Kruger puts the bobby pins on display for this deliberately messy braid (Photo: Bella Sugar)

Sometimes press releases sent to journalists cause us to fall on the floor laughing. The ones with ridonkulous beauty claims to remove wrinkles or cellulite by drinking an $8 bottle of water are up there with a Parks and Recreation episode.

But this news from Goody, the makers of inexpensive brushes and hair accessories sold in pretty much every drugstore anywhere, actually had me at “hello.” Or more at, “Hello, did you know your hair is kind of a disaster?” And I, Melisse, of the unruly tresses, really wanted to take its advice—and found a few of the other tips silly sweet.

So here, in all its almost verbatim glory, are 10 things to do with a bobby pin (besides picking a lock, which is probably a life skill or cool party trick and should have made the list):

1.       Got outfit drama? Bobby pins are the perfect solution for wayward straps and malfunctions

2.      Need to update a ponytail? Line embellished bobbies along one side

3.      Bookmarks are so 1992, grab a pin from your hair do

4.      For rock star edge, back comb to create height at the crown and secure with a color matching bobby

5.      String 100 bobby pins on a strand and you have a necklace

Goody Bobby pin necklace
No joke: A bobby pin necklace

6.      DON’T bother to match a bobby pin to your hair color for a modern, messy updo like Diane Kruger (pictured above)

7.      Dull hair got you down? Colorful bobby slides add a touch of pizazz during winter doldrums (and at holiday parties!)

8.      Slip a decorative bobby through the holes left behind by a cumbersome broach

9.      Dress up a quick work bun with embellished pins on display, like Chanel Spring 2011

10.   Something has to keep the hair off your face at the gym! [Okay, those last three words are our adds.]

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