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By Joyce Diaz for YOGANONYMOUS

Yoga is suitable as well as beneficial for all individuals—despite of age or fitness level—but it is also necessary to adjust your yoga practice to fit your body and specific requirements.

If you have decided to start doing yoga, you probably want to know what to expect in your first yoga class. Do not be intimidated! Here, I have jotted down some tips you need to know before taking a yoga class:

1. Be familiar with some basics: If you know the basics of yoga and have gone over a few at home, you may feel more motivated and inspired in class. For this, a little work is required on your part. There are hundreds of yoga poses and your body may be upset if you select one that does not suit your personality. Take a few minutes to read one of the many texts available on yoga postures. That will provide you a few basics that you can practice at home. You can also take help of any beginners’ video to learn a few intro moves.

2. Pick a yoga studio convenient to your home: Just for the sake of convenience, so getting to class will be easy. You can check out online resources to find a yoga class in your neighborhood. Various local health magazines or local substitute newspapers may also provide list of yoga studios of the area. You can also check out local gyms as many gyms also offer yoga classes.

3. Get there at least 15 minutes early: It’s very important to be on time for class. This will allow you enough time to fill out any necessary paperwork (probably just the first time), get your belongings into a locker if available and begin to destress before class. Moreover, this will help you to set your yoga mat in a comfortable place in the room without disrupting everyone else. Also, you won’t miss the specific instructions that teachers give at the beginning of the class for first timers. If for some reason you are late, be respectful of your fellow classmates and place your mat down gently so you don’t disturb the class.

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