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From artificial sweeteners to not drinking enough water—10 dietary habits your health could live without.
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By Linda Melone for
PreventionIn the never-ending quest to squeeze into last year’s jeans with minimal discomfort (and tears), you’ve probably developed a whole arsenal of healthy weapons, like regularly weighing yourself and eating more baby carrots than you can count. But chances are, you’ve got a couple of habits lurking around that aren’t doing you—or your weight—any favors.

Here’s how to break free from your 10 most common bad eating habits—and make those jeans looser for life:

1. Your night’s not complete without a couple glasses of wine

While the health benefits of red wine are for real, it’s not likely the first thing on your mind when you pour yourself a glass at the end of a nutty day. And before you know it, the scale creeps up. “It’s not that a little wine is bad, but a lot of it can add up to extra calories,” says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, board-certified in sports dietetics and the Dallas Cowboys’ sport dietician. Just a 5-ounce serving of red wine contains 125 calories. An easy fix: Buy smaller glasses, suggests Goodson. “The smaller the glass, the less wine you drink.”

Keep reading for 9 more common unhealthy eating habits, and tips to break them….

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