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Just because being healthy is your job doesn’t mean you automatically wake up happy, energized, and free of under-eye circles—wellness gals have mornings that require multiple snooze alarms, espresso shots, and concealer, just like everyone else. (Even if their idyllic a.m. Instagram pics suggest otherwise.)

But there’s another cool girl-approved secret to setting the tone for a kick-ass day: a morning mantra.

The only real criteria for a solid mantra is that it revs you up and inspires you to tackle your to-do list like a boss.

The only real criteria for a solid mantra is that it revs you up and inspires you to tackle your to-do list like a boss. For some women, high-energy words of empowerment make them feel like they can take on anything. Others prefer a phrase that makes them stop, be still, and reflect before springing into action.

Want to try one for yourself, but not sure where to start? I asked a selection of top trainers, healers, and wellness entrepreneurs to spill their motivational mantras. Go ahead, borrow theirs—they’re all willing to share.

Scroll down for the morning mantras that wellness influencers use to kick off each day with good vibes.

Get Started

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Nikisha Brunson, co-founder of Urban Bush Babes and creator of Folie Apothecary

“Be intentional with your day. Be present. You’re in control of your plate, so take things one step at a time.”


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Lauren Imparato, yoga instructor and author of Retox

Life isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly precious. We only get one life, one today. So every morning, I wake up and say, “Hey, special, unique life friend—thanks for everything. Let’s have a good day…and good morning!”


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Lauren Ash, creator of Black Girl in Om

My favorite mantra was passed along to me by a friend a few years back: “I’m grateful for all that I am and all that I have. I accept abundance and blessings that may come my way. I remove any blockages that may be hindering my spiritual, mental, and financial growth.”


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Erin Telford, acupuncturist, herbalist, breathwork facilitator, and energy healer

If I had a morning mantra, it would be a combination of: “Take it easy,” and, “You got this!”


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Lacey Stone, celebrity fitness trainer featured on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian

When I wake up in the morning, I always say to myself, “You got this.” No matter what comes my way during the day, I got it. Save the drama for your mama.


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Tonya Lewis Lee, producer, author, and founder of Movita Organics supplements

My morning mantra is: “Today is going to be a great day.” Because if you say it, it’ll be true.


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Keaira LaShae, dancer, choreographer, and BeFit trainer

I start off every morning with my positive affirmations and listening to fun music with my daughter. We make sure to gear ourselves up for the day with a healthy breakfast, a morning dance party, and a stretch. Dance parties are the perfect way to start the day!


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Jeannette Ogden, creator of Shut the Kale Up

Waking up is a privilege. My morning mantra is to give gratitude—to conquer the day with a good attitude, honoring my body and how it’s feeling daily. Staying positive with everything I do helps me feel calm, and I end up not stressing the small stuff.


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Cristen Barker and Kimberly Hise, yogis and creators of The Chin Twins

CB: I have a mantra I use when meditating—it’s a bija, or seed mantra. It was given to me by Thom Knoles, a maharishi of Vedic meditation. I love the vibration of my mantra, and I use it every time I meditate. It’s a very personal experience to have a mantra, you really bond with it and make it your own.

KH: I love to check in with myself every morning, because once I’m up, the demands of the day can easily take my focus off of what’s truly important. I tell myself that I’m safe and strong, and that every tool I need I already possess. I tell myself that I’m loved and remind myself to speak my truth and to listen to my intuition. I always go over in my mind all that I’m grateful for.


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Brandi Sellers-Jackson, doula and founder of Not So Private Parts

This year, I’ve purposed to be intentional regarding what I eat, [how I spend] my time and energy, [as well as with] my thoughts. In doing this, I’ve found that it allows the mornings to feel a bit less stressful or heavy with anxiety. Being intentional puts everything in perspective. It puts every thought and to-do list in its proper place. I find myself asking often: “Is this needed? Does this have value?”


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Priscilla Tsai, founder of Cocokind skin care

I start every day with: “I’m grateful for.…” Oftentimes, I wake up in the morning with a list of things I have to do. By practicing and repeating my morning mantra, this allows me to stay mindful and take a deep breath before I start my day. It also allows me to appreciate my surroundings, from my work to my relationships to the home that I’ve created. This mantra gives me the tools I need to start the day with positivity, instead of anxiousness. I find that it also promotes healthier communication with my loved ones!

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